The team at Joy-Haul understands the urgency surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19. We are taking every safety measure possible to keep you, your family, and your move safe and sanitary during this time.

Joy-Haul will continue to provide services in the following ways:

Virtual estimates. We are able to conduct estimates via video chat with the application Zoom so that we can assess the equipment needed in the move. We can determine via video chat what your individual needs are.
All moving equipment and tools are constantly sanitized and disinfected. Our team will take necessary precautions in cleaning down equipment before and after every move! We will be working together to keep our hand trucks, our moving trucks, and other vital equipment clean at all costs.

A Healthy staff is good for you and us. We are taking this day by day and ensuring our staff is in the best shape possible to help your move. Our current working staff is in great health and we will make assessments along the way to ensure it stays this way.

Our moving and packing services are still available at this time, please give us a call at (260) 610-1945 if you have any other questions at this time. Remember, we are all in this together! Joy-Haul is here to help.